Free iPhone 4s


Do you want a great phone, so multipurpose, that you would not be required to buy a laptop or a computer? So, we give you a wonderful opportunity to get a free iphone 4s on our site and enjoy all its advantages. There are a lot of them. It has a dual-core processor, which is combined with the new graphics processor and delivers twice the performance, compared with its predecessors.

Free iphone 4S also has a wonderful 8 megapixel camera with a system of 5 elements and recording full HD video, so you can shot nature, family or some events in a really great quality. The camera is on 30% faster, than before. Another important difference in iPhone 4S is that it supports GSM and CDMA. Also the main novelty of it is the usage of voice control Siri, which recognizes the compound questions and commands, spoken by the voice of user and responds on them. The 3.5-inch IPS-matrix with a resolution of 960 by 640 pixels is still ahead with the separation of Smartphone’s screens on the market. You can easily win a free iphone 4s after the registration.

The battery of new devices becomes more energy intensive, which means that it will be enough for a much longer time. Among other features of the phone there are includes the support of Bluetooth (with A2DP profiles), Wi-Fi, GPS-navigator, MP3-player and HTML-browser. So I think that this phone is the best for the fans of new products, because it’s nice to boast to friends by a new acquisition and even more knowing, that you received it for free. Don’t lose your chance, especially you know about the popularity and excellent reputation and quality of time-tested devices of Apple. Happy owners of this smartphone is already appreciated all his qualities and advantages, so you have to estimate it too.

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